Many people think a rescue dog is “broken” and don’t want a dog with “baggage.” However, most dogs are surrendered through no fault of their own. The most common reasons people give up dogs include illness, moving, divorce, time, cost, or they are unaware how that cute and snuggly little puppy would quickly grow into a gangling, active Doberpup. Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment and unfortunately many people have a throwaway mentality. You can’t expect a child to know how to act without teaching manners, so why expect this of a dog?

Unfortunately, many Dobermans end up in shelters all over New Mexico. Whether the dog was used as a lawn ornament by their former owner, escaped the yard or was dumped, the truth is these dogs are incredibly resilient and bounce back just fine after the many ordeals they have been through. The true nature of the breed shines through in their eagerness to please, willingness to do anything for their owners, and happy nature.

As a rescue, we evaluate each dog we intake and always try to place the dogs in homes that suit them, and vice versa. We are based out of foster homes so our foster families work with these dogs to better assess their needs and work on basic manners.