Patience and Acceptance.
Dobermans that come into rescue are often young, but rarely small puppies. Rescue groups cannot “order up” a dog to everyone’s exact specifications. Please realize that the essence of the Doberman can be found in any of the four colors, in any age - young to old, and in those who, through abuse or misfortune and no fault of their own have issues that create special needs. More than half our dogs have natural ears, but most have docked tails. They are not always the most striking example of the breed. The true spirit and beauty lies within. Look for that and you will find a soul mate.

Foster Homes Needed
Doberman Rescue of New Mexico always has need for additional foster homes. We cover most of the state of New Mexico and west Texas, receiving Dobermans from numerous ‘kill’ shelters. Foster homes are needed to care for rescued Dobermans until new adoptive homes can be found. Fostering can be for as little as a week or two, or can extend for months. During that time, our foster homes provide food, shelter, assess temperament, and help prepare the Doberman in their care for a new permanent home. Without foster homes, we can’t meet our mission. For more information about becoming a foster home, please visit our Fostering Page.  If you think that foster care is something you would like to do, please contact us.
Thought About Fostering?
DRNM is always looking for foster homes for our dogs while we try to find them permanent homes. Fostering is a great option if you want to help out but cant support a Doberman for a long period of time.

Contact us for more information.
Donate a Kuranda Bed
You may also choose to donate a bed for our foster cares to provide the ultimate in comfort for Dobermans being fostered.

We also use Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean.

If you would like to donate a luxury Kuranda bed to us,
click here.

Thank you for considering adopting a Doberman through Doberman Rescue of New Mexico. The last two years have brought an average of one Doberman per week in need of our attention. If you are considering adopting, then you will be a critical part of rescue and you will get to keep the prize.

Many of our Dobermans come from animal shelters. They are picked up as strays, they are impounded by owners who don’t want them any more. Many are healthy, some are not. Sometimes owners contact us when they can’t keep their dog any longer and transfer ownership to Doberman Rescue .

Our volunteers assess for health and temperament. All Dobermans who come through our organization are neutered or spayed, microchipped, Rabies and Distemper/Parvo vaccinated and tested for heartworm. To the best of our ability we assess temperament. Whether the dog is good with children, men, women, other dogs, cats. Is the dog house-broken, content to be alone or in need of a companion dog? Has the dog undergone physical or mental trauma?

We do the best we can to understand as much as we can prior to releasing a dog to a new owner. If a dog seems ‘good-to-go’ and and adoption occurs, we stay in touch to make sure s/he settle in well as rescue dogs often come with baggage that’s not always obvious. There are no 100% guarantees.
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Donations Welcomed
Doberman Rescue of New Mexico is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  Donations are always welcome to help defray expenses in caring for rescued Dobermans.  Our adoption fees cover the basics such as spay/neuter, vaccinations and microchip.  Many times a Doberman will require additional tests such as bloodwork, dentals, x-rays, and sometimes surgery  before adoption.  Donations help us to cover these costs.  Donations can be made online using our secure Pay Pal account, or a check in the mail to our address shown on our Contact Page.
Donate a Bed

•  Computers - relatively new Mac or
    Windows - Desperately needed!
•  Blankets - Comforters
•  Big Dog Beds
•  Collars and Leashes (nice)
•  Wireless Router
•  Sardines in oil (best Omega-3
•  Flint River Ranch dog food
•  Dog Walkers
•  Graphic Arts HELP

If you have any items to donate,
please e-mail Trish
Quality Dog coats and collars, Cozy Horse is a supporter of DRNM, Inc